Demonstrators within the DigiDemo project are educational setups to be used in academic education of mechanical and electrical engineers in order to improve the students’ skills in digitalizing products.

Demonstrators are described following a framework that will be developed during the project. Each project partner will develop a set of four demonstrators following a defined process with three steps:

Six conditions for a good demonstrator

It shall improve teaching

It shall improve sustainability awareness

It shall be replicable

It shall follow industry needs

It shall be interdisciplinary

All available DigiDemo ddemonstrator documentation can be downloaded in the Demonstrators’ overview section.

Examples of demonstrators and their use:

1. Smart chair demonstrator (UCN)
2. Connected thermostatic valve (ESTA Belfort)
3. Gantry robot
(FH Vorarlberg)
Snow Depth Monitoring System
(Fagskolen i Viken)